Cerebellar development and disease at single-cell resolution

Zellaufnahme aus dem Kleinhirn
Cerebellar development and disease at single-cell resolution

This conference will be held in cooperation with the German Cancer Research Center (DFKZ) Heidelberg


  • Date: 11th September 2024, 12:00 am - 13th September, 2024 10:00 pm
  • Location: Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Karlstr. 4, 69117 Heidelberg

Single-cell omics have revolutionized how we understand mechanisms underlying development and disease particularly in the brain, with its main distinct cell types and high degree of diversification and regionalization. Previous research has focused on the neocortex where single-cell transcriptomics has revealed cell type-specific dysregulation in various neurological disorders. While well-established conferences exist for neocortical development and disease, the cerebellar development research community lacks a unifying conference. Given that the cerebellum also contributes to cognitive functions, and given its role in widespread neurodevelopmental disorders including autism spectrum disorder, ataxia, and cancer, as well as its involvement in rare genetic disorders such as pontocerebellar hypoplasia, such a unifying conference is urgently needed. The recent progress in single-cell transcriptomics in the cerebellum (Aldinger et al 2021, Sepp et al 2023) as well as advances in modelling cerebellar development in vitro using organoids (Muguruma et al 2015, Nayler et al 2021, Silva et al 2020) provides the perfect timing for establishing such a conference to bring together the growing international community.

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Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Karlstr. 4
69117 Heidelberg