Europa Humanistica

Duration: 2004 until 2013

A documentary and bibliographical handbook on the transmission of ancient and medieval literature in the early modern age.

Janus Gruter | UB Heidelberg, Graph. Slg. P 92

The Heidelberg Unit of “Europa Humanistica” is part of an integrated European research project coordinated by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris. The aim of the overall project is the bibliographical reconstruction by region and person of the transmission via editions, commentaries and translations of the Bible, ancient and medieval texts by humanist scholars in Europe in the 16 th and 17 th centuries. Account is also taken of the history of the impact of this activity, which occasionally extends well into the 19 th century. The reproduction of ancillary texts (most of them prefaces and congratulatory poems) also makes important sources available on the diverse political, social and academic functions of the transmission of older literature in the scholarly republic of Humanism. The prefaces are provided with regests and extensive commentaries on contexts and persons that can be systematically located via the relevant indexes. For reasons of manageability, the commentaries on the poems limit themselves to information on the authors and the dedicatees. The Heidelberg Research Unit covers the scholars active in the Electoral Palatinate and adjoining territories.


  • Vol. 1: Marquard Freher and Janus Gruter. 2 part volumes 2005
  • Vol. 2: David Pareus, Johann Philipp Pareus and Daniel Pareus. 2010
  • Vol. 3: Jacobus Micyllus, Johannes Posthius, Johannes Opsopoeus and Abraham Scultetus. 2011
  • Vol. 4: Hieronymus Commelinus, Balthasar Copius, Lambertus Ludolphus Pithopoeus, Henricus Smetius, Simon Stenius and Friedrich Sylburg. 2013
  • Vol. 5: Wilhelm Xylander, Aemilius Portus, Dionysius Gothofredus et al. 2016

The volumes produced by the integrated European research project are published by Brepols (Turnhout, Belgium).

Temporarily Chair of the Commission

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Zimmermann

Head of Research Unit

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kühlmann


  • Dr. Volker Hartmann
  • Bianca Hufnagel M.A.