Dr. Manik Bajracharya

organizational unit

Quellen des vormodernen Nepal

South Asia Institute
Voßstrasse 2, building 4130, 69115 Heidelberg
+49 6221 54 15218

Curriculum Vitae

Research Fellow, Research Unit "Documents on the History of Religion and Law of Pre-modern Nepal", Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Germany


Selected publications and lectures


  • Slavery and Unfree Labour in Nepal: Documents from the 18th to Early 20th Century, Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing, 2022.
  • (With Niels Gutschow and Axel Michaels). Nepālikabhūpavaṃśāvalī: History of the Kings of Nepal, a Buddhist Chronicle, 3 vols., Kathmandu: Himal Books, 2015/2016.


  • Forthcoming: (with Rajan Khatiwoda). Legitimizing slavery through Brahmanical norms: the Mulukī Ain of 1854.
  • Munsīs in the Courts of Early Śāha and Rāṇā Rulers: The Career of Lakṣmīdāsa Pradhāna”, in: Studies in Historical Documents from Nepal and India, eds. Simon Cubelic, Axel Michaels and Astrid Zotter, 2018.
  • (with Axel Michaels). ““Religious” Approaches to Heritage Restoration in Post-Earthquake Kathmandu”, in: Material Religion, 2017, DOI:10.1080/17432200.2017.1335085
  • (with Simon Cubelic and Rajan Khatiwoda). "Reporting Across Borders in a Time of Turmoil: Eight Reports from Lokaramaṇa Upādhyāya from the Years 1837-1844", in: Abhilekha 33: 142-176, 2017.
  • (with Simon Cubelic and Rajan Khatiwoda). "Reporting Across Borders: Four Reports of Lokaramaṇa Upādhyāya from the Years 1831-1837", in: Abhilekha 33: 120-133, 2016.
  • (with Axel Michaels, Niels Gutschow, Madeleine Herren, Bernd Schneidmüller, Gerald Schweldler and Astrid Zotter). “Nepalese History in a European Experience: A Case Study in Transcultural Historiography”, in: History and Theory 55 (May 2016): 210-32, 2016.
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